martes, 26 de abril de 2011


escribo poesia, cada tanto. hasta ahora este blog habia sido de cuentos solo, ahora sera un hibrido supongo. lamento que este en ingles, pero no me gusta el sabor de la poesia en castellano.

ya vendran mas.

School taught me to hate poetry.

School taught me to hate poetry
taught me to measure it
in tea spoons
because it was rude
to drink too much of it
teachers too afraid
to take a poem with their bare hands
and eat it raw

they would pick knife and fork
disect it like a corpse
until they felt brave enough to face it
then they would taste it´s dead flesh
nodding as if they had the right to approve
then forcing us to do the same
while Bukowsky and Frost weep
because kids are learning to fear them

while the dust settles over the stars
and the mountains
and the shadow of the trees
because we are forgetting
how to pronounce their names.